About Us


“Stand Together” is the collaborative effort of cancer survivors, caregivers, educators, business leaders, health care and technology professionals in the Sister Cities of Macon, Georgia in the United States of America and Ulyanovsk in the Russian Federation. No one, regardless of geography, should fight cancer alone. The objective of “Stand Together” is to provide an international forum and community to share, support, encourage and strengthen one another in the global fight against cancer.

“Stand Together” was founded by the following group:

Steve Farr Phil Taylor Anatoly Shmelev
Scarlett Farr Sergey Chernokov Tatiana Nikitina
Dr. Sergey Panchenko Maria Knyazeva Bernie Fanning
Dr. Viktor Bezvoritny Yury Polyanskov Boris Kostishko


These founders helped establish and build the Sister City relationship between Macon and Ulyanovsk. For more than the past decade, they have led or helped host over a dozen delegations between the two cities. These delegations, including hundreds of students and business and community leaders, have participated in educational exchanges, philanthropic efforts, international symposiums and cultural events.

Guangzhou, in the People’s Republic of China, will be added to this collaborative effort in the Fall of 2014.